Thursday, 10 May 2007

Don't let a small setback get you derailed.


Yesterday I experienced a small setback in my slimming effort. I forgot to do my exercises. I normally do the exercises from The Hackers Diet's fitness Ladder. But yesterday I completely forgot it and only remembered when I woke up this morning.

It is sometimes tempting to let a small setback like that get you derailed due to the thinking that a great habit has been broken and you have to start from 0 again.

But just because you have a small set back of a day does not mean shat you have to start from zero. The most important is to get back into the habit again fast. Don't try to make upfor the lost effort. Just get back into the rutine again.

Then you are back on track to a slimmer you.

I am going to do todays exercises right now!

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Slimming Exercise

Slimming is all about being negative in the every day energy balance.

In the previous posts I have talked about reducing the energy intake, but there is another part of the equation, increasing the energy you spend. In order to keep slimming you have to spend more energy than you consume, every day.

Many people start a new years resolution that sounds something like "I want to lose weight" or "I want to start exercising". Generally these resolutions, or goals as they really are, are phrased very vague and are difficult to measure progress on and it is difficult to measure when it has been met.

I believe that in order to change you need to be able to measure the progress or at least the effort you put into it, every day. And you must be able to see when you have reached your exercise goal in order to deem it completed and either have a period of time without an exercise goal or set a new one.

For exercise I run. And I have just started a new training program that has me running every day and has the specific goal of running the Basel marathon in less than 3 and a half hours.
I can feel the effort I put into this every day when I run, not for long every day, but nevertheless every single day. And I know that I can easily see if I have reached my goal in 6 months. And if I reach it, I am going to celebrate that in style.

So think about what kind of ecercuse you want to do to increase your energy expenditure and what your goal will be. And then start today. Planning to start tomorrow or next week will not help you get slimmer. It will only give you pease of mind for a few hours or days. So why not start today!

Running is a good way to exercise, it is in fact one of the most time-efficient ways to exercise. But I recommend to start gently. You only need to have a slightly negative energy balance in order to slim down. There is no need to go out there and run as far and fast as you can in the next coming days, it will only get you burnt out from exhaustion or even worse, injured.

Get out there and stay withi your comfort zone. don't run faster than you can keep up your part of a light conversation and don't run too far just yet. Start with 15 minutes of alternate running and walking. I guarantee that you will soon feel improved fitness so you can increase your running. But in your first week, stay to 15 minutes per day. Next week, perhps, you can increase to 20 minutes.

See you out there on the roads!

Monday, 30 April 2007


This post is about the importance of water for good health and well being and how changing my water-drinking-habits will help me slimming.

Before I started running, about 3 years ago, I never thought about water. But as I started training to run a marathon I read that I had to be careful about drinking enough water. I managed that pretty well and did not suffer any ill effects.

But what about people who are not training to run a marathon? Is is important for them to be monitoring their water intake? I think it is very important.

Last year, when I lived in a very hot country in the Middle East, I developed an annoying head ache at some point, the first day I did nothing about it. I woke up the next day with a splitting head ache, I took some pain relievers, but they did not help. At the end of the second day, I wondered if I could be de-hydrated, and started drinking a lot of water over the next days, and the head ache slowly subsided and finally went away completely. And this dehydration was not due to massive amount of exercising or exposure to heat, I was in an airconditioned house, office or car most of the time. I just did not monitor my water intake.

Now I have made it a habit to drink a glass of water whenever I take a little break or if I'm by the sink and about to do somethinng else, I down a glass of water before moving on to doing the next thing. And whenever I urinate I look at the color of my urine to see if it is very yellov and I need to drink a bit more. It should be almost clear in color for you to be in a good level of hydration.

This not only keeps my hydrated, it also keeps me feeling full. And because of that I don't get the need for snack that bad. So it helps me slimming because I dlay eating a snack with calories by drinking some water with zero calories.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Potato chips

This post is about how my relationship with potato chips has changed for the better.

I love potato chips. They come in a great range of irresistible flavors and they are nice and salty. I love potato chips. I used to eat a lot of them. During some periods I ate a pack of 200g every afternoon/evening.

But in order to get slim that is wayyy to many calories and they are too poor a quality. In a 100g of potato chips there is usually around 500 kcal. That means that you have covered around 25% of your daily need by stuffing your head for 20 minutes. Not good.

So in order to restrict my eating of potato chips I have started the simple habit of buying the smallest bag possible. In the old days I would buy based on price or on what flavor I felt like.

Now I always buy the smallest bag, or ask my wife to by the small bag if she is the one shopping. And in stead of eating them as soon as I come home, I try to let the bag be in the cabinet for 1 or 2 or 3 days before eating it. That way I easily get by on a weekly intake of 2 to 3 times 75 g of ships (800 - 1200 kcal) in stead of 7 times 200g (7000 kcal) per week.

That is a huge difference and I still get to enjoy eating potato chips.


In this blog I will share my tips on how to become slim as I go through the process myself. I'm not fat now, but I have a tummy and some small love handles. They will have to go!

In general slimming is very simple. It is all about taking in less energy that you spend. But in the world of today it is difficult to only get the planned calories in good quality.

In this blog I will give tips on how to eat relatively healthy and exercise well while maintaining a normal lifestyle, and I will share my experiences as I follow my own tips on my own body.

So follow me slimming and get motivated to do it yourself as well.

And please feel free to write questions or comments to the posts. A dialog with you readers will only increase the quality of the blog.